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Resolve 12: My new PC’s Disk Speed Tests

August 7, 2015

Here are initial performance test results for the new Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit PC I’ve just built, as described in a previous post.

Test results are from the Blackmagic Design Disk Speed Test utility included with their products.

For these tests, and when running Davinci Resolve 12, Windows 8.1 Pro is configured to run with a “high performance”  power plan as described in the Resolve 12 beta 2 system configuration guide. The tested drives are empty (no data).

Below: Results for the internal 6TB RAID-0 array consisting of two 3TB 7200 RPM HDDs (“Seagate #ST3000DM001”). The HHDs are connected via SATA-3 to the MB’s primary SATA bus, ports #0 & #1. This RAID was set up using the motherboard’s BIOS RAID support:


Below: Results for a 480GB RAID-0 array consisting of two 240GB SSDs (“Kingston 240 GB HyperX 3K”) in the PC’s dual 2.5″ trayless backplane bay. The SSDs are connected via SATA-3 to the MB’s primary SATA bus, ports #2 & #3. This RAID was set up using Windows 8.1 Pro’s “Storage Spaces” feature, not the motherboard’s BIOS. If I can remember how to set up the SSDs as a RAID using the MB I’ll test that, too:


Again, these are initial tests. I’m still playing with different hardware & software configurations. I’ll do more performance tests soon.

Concerning initial system cooling performance results: At idle, the motherboard BIOS reports the CPU temperature is 33˚C (92˚F). At idle the 3 case fans rotate at an average of 535 RPM. I’ll do further tests soon to determine its cooling performance under load, such as when Resolve 12 is performing CPU and disk intensive tasks.

I also purchased and installed Paragon’s “HFS+ for Windows” and “NTSF for Mac” software bundle. The software works as advertised — I now have full read/write access to my files on >2TB drives that I sneaker-net between my Mac & Win machines — and it doesn’t appear to cause any performance penalty. Normally a Mac would only have read-only access to Windows NTSF disk volumes, and Windows 8.1 would only have access to Mac-formatted volumes smaller than 2GB. The Paragon software allows a Mac automatic full read/write access to all NTSF volumes, and a PC gains automatic full read/write access to all HFS+ volumes. Sweet.

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