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BMPC-4K: James Tonkin short, “Leaving Hope”

February 11, 2014

James Tonkin is a very talented filmmaker and videographer. He shot his short film, “Leaving Hope” (shown above), using the new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. For details about his film, refer to his Vimeo page.

If you have time, click the “Download” button and download the “Original .MOV file” @ 759 megabytes! It’s a big file, but the quality is worth seeing (even though it’s still compressed-down to a small fraction of the camera-original >700 megabits/sec 4K ProRes HQ file).

Note when the camera shakes from the train’s vibration, there’s no rolling shutter “jello” artifacts, and no skew/slanting of vertical lines as objects fly across the frame — just a nice, natural-looking blur the way our eyes see. That’s the magic of the BMPC-4K’s global shutter sensor. It’ll be a great day when all cams (especially smartphone cams) feature GS sensors!

(Makes me a bit nostalgic for older video cameras and their CCD sensors which also had GS!)

One of the things that’s really nice with all Blackmagic cameras is that they do zero sharpening in-camera. Most cams record sharpening artifacts because you can’t completely turn off their sharpening. In particular the BMPC-4K records so much natural detail that sharpening in post often isn’t needed, but you can always add some when necessary with minimal artifacts.

The BMPC-4K is now shipping and has a new, lower price. Additional examples of BMPC-4K footage are linked elsewhere on my blog (scroll down).

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