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BMPC-4K: Music video DP’d by CaptainHook

February 5, 2014

“CaptainHook” DP’d a new music video shot using all 3 Blackmagic Design cameras, including a beta pre-release BMPC-4K, and the BMCC and BMPCC:

For details, refer to the notes on the Vimeo page.

CaptainHook also posted a 2nd version of the video in which he identifies which scenes were shot by which of the 3 cameras.

Note: All the BMPC-4K footage in this music video was recorded using the camera’s 1080p mode, not its 4K UHD mode, to reduce storage space requirements. It’s a very flexible camera!

BMPC-4K shooting tips from early users.

My take on the BMPC-4K.

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