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BMCC: EF lens compatibility info

January 30, 2013

BMCC connectors-300

A BMCC-EF lens compatibility list is on Blackmagic Design’s user forum for the BMCC-EF version of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The list is based on informal reports from end users working with BMCC firmware v1.1.

Lens compatibility may or may not change with the new BMCC firmware v1.2 firmware announced today (discussed here & here), so a new BMCC-EF lens compatibility list for firmware v1.2 has been started. New user reports are added frequently.

Caution: There have been numerous reports of an infinity focus issue with the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 zoom lens on the BMCC-EF. A few users report that their copy of the EF-mount lens works OK, but most do not. A few users of the Nikon mount version report good results using a Novoflex Nikon-to-EF or other lens mount adapters, but most do not.

Note: Christian Schmeer describes a possible DIY fix for the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens infinity focus issue, but the jury is out as to its effectiveness. Another DIY fix (lens internal shim removal) is described here. Proceed with caution; use at your own risk. YMMV!

UPDATE: On Feb. 27, 2013 Blackmagic Design announced a repair fix for a BMCC flange distance issue which could cause back-focus / infinity focus problems with wide angle lenses such as the Tokina 11-16mm. Click here for details.

An alternative ultra-wide-angle rectilinear zoom lens for use with the BMCC-EF is the Sigma 8-16mm. It’s not as fast as the Tokina 11-16mm, but it’s 20% wider at the wide end, and appears to be fully compatible (BMCC-EF video examples here and here). Additional wide lenses are described in the compatibility lists.

Since the BMCC-MFT isn’t shipping yet, for now I’ll leave it to others to discuss lenses for use on that camera.

If at all possible, I strongly recommend not buying a lens before you have a BMCC in-hand, and only buy lenses from a reputable dealer with a 100% refund policy. Another approach is to rent a lens locally or from a company such as so you can test the lens on your camera before deciding which lens to buy.

The BMCC-EF & BMCC-MFT cameras feature focus peaking and magnify focussing aids on the LCD, but they don’t support lens AF. So whatever lens is used must include a manual focus feature.

Lenses such as Panasonic Lumix for MFT require power to focus (AF & manual focus) and to set aperture. MFT cameras such as the GH3 support in-camera correction for Lumix lens artifacts (chromatic aberration, etc.). These lenses can’t be used on the BMCC-MFT camera’s passive lens mount which has no electrical contacts.

My list of related links, short films, and resources for Blackmagic Design cameras.

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