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Links & resources for Blackmagic Design Cameras

November 29, 2012

Note: I periodically add new links to resources, short films & sample videos:

Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Cinema Camera product page.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K product page.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera product page.

BMD camera user manual PDF for all models.

Official BM Camera user forum. user forum.

John Brawley, Cinematographer and consultant to Blackmagic design: His blog and Twitter feed, and a video interview at IBC 2012.

JB’s detailed 4/9/13 blog post about the BMPC-4K & BMPCC cameras.

JB’s BMPCC pocket camera sample videos, including some camera-original ProRes files.

3-part video interview with Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design.

Full-quality, camera-original BMCC sample footage shot by John Brawley:

Uncompressed 12-bit 2.5K RAW CinemaDNG files @ up to 5 megaBYTES per frame.

Compressed 10-bit 1080p ProRes 422 HQ files @ up to 220 megaBITS per second (“Film” [log] gamma).

UPDATE 12/18/13:

Full-quality, camera-original BMPC-4K ProRes HQ sample footage shot by Grant Petty:

Compressed 4K 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ files @ up to 880 megaBITS per second (“Film” [log] gamma).

CaptainHook’s first BMPC-4K sample footage (compressed to Vimeo H.264).

Marco Solorio of One River Media has posted his first Blackmagic Production Camera 4K sample footage on Vimeo. Refer to the Vimeo page for details.

(More examples below) …

BMPC-4K shooting tips from early users.

My take on the BMPC-4K.

Technical resources:

John Brawley describes how to use BMCC zebras to set exposure, here & here.

“Infrared pollution” affects most modern video cams to a varying degree, and can cause video to look muddy brownish red/magenta. IR cut (or combination IR cut/ND or IR cut/UV cut) filters are recommended to prevent “IR pollution” which may occur depending on lighting conditions & exposure settings, and especially when using ND filters. Selection of an IR cut filter tends to be sensor-specific. For information about cost-effective IR cut (infrared cut) and combination IR-ND optical filters appropriate for use with Blackmagic Design cameras, refer to this detailed thread on BMCuser, especially the first few posts. 

AbelCine “FOV Comparator” page allows you to compare field of view (crop factor) at various lens focal lengths among various sensor sizes. Refer also to this sensor size comparison diagram on

A list and forum thread about EF lenses compatible with the BMCC-EF lens mount, as reported by end users.

Lighting-related informations & links.

My blog post about rig and camera accessory-related information & links. And a long thread on the official BMD camera user forum about the same.

A comprehensive discussion on BMCuser about external power options for the BMCC and BMPC-4K.

BMCC firmware v.1.1 shutter angle/shutter speed table.

How to get good-quality, in-camera audio recordings with the BMCC: Here, here & here.

BMD camera reviews, short films, and additional sample videos (in roughly chronological order):

John Brawley’s nice hand-held ProRes footage, shot with an early BMCC prototype without IS.

Philip Bloom’s first BMCC review, and his new Ponte Tower doc.

Vincent Laforet’s first BMCC review.

Jon Carr’s first BMCC review, including his excellent video.

Marco Solorio’s first BMCC review …

… and his fantastic follow-up BMCC vs. 5DM3 video, available as a 1GB (!) 220 megabits/sec ProRes HQ file …

… and his equally fantastic The Impact of 12-bit RAW video, available as a 1GB (!) 15 megabits/sec H.264 file.

… and Marco’s “Interview with Grant Petty at NAB 2013“.

… and Marco’s first Blackmagic Production Camera 4K sample footage. Refer to the Vimeo page for details.

… Marco’s BMW car racing doc teaser trailer, shot using the BMPC-4KBMCC, and BMPCC.

Den Lennie’s sweet first BMCC short.

Simon Beer’s first BMCC short.

Filippo Chiesa’s tasty daylight & night short.

James Tonkin and Hangman Studio’sIsland Life” short,

… and “Robbie Williams: ‘Live at The O2’ Trailer” (shot using BMCC ProRes HQ “Film” mode),

… and “A Night in Nine Elms” (shot using BMCC ProRes HQ “Film” mode).

… and Den Lennie’s behind-the-scenes film for “9 Elms” (also shot using a BMCC in ProRes HQ).

… and James’ “Reflections“, shot in Dubai on a BMCC.

… and his short film, “Leaving Hope”, shot using the BMPC-4K.

Frank Glencairn’s BMCC dynamic range test.

Michael Beck’s BMCC visit to the zoo.

Geoffrey C. Albach’s colorful junk cars BMCC video: Salvage.

Andrew Julian’s drive through Snow Canyon (featuring a BMCC on a Blackbird stabilizer),

… and “Trip to Mexico“, featuring eye-popping BMCC color and the Blackbird,

… and “Meet Me In Big Sur“, featuring more eye-popping BMCC color!

… and “The Quiet City: Winter In Paris“; gorgeous BMCC footage!

Andrew Reid’s multi-cam shootout including the BMCC, GH3, FS100, 5DM3.

Exact Neutral’s really sweet “810 7 30” BMCC short.

Stu Maschwitz’s BMCC review and short film, “Let’s Cook“.

Josselin Billot’s quirky, funny “Lucy From Paris – Ep1” BMCC short, and the BTS making-of doc.

Empty Bucket Studios‘ stunning BMCC “Tutto Metal Design – Artist Profile“;

… and BMCC “Vault Brewing Company“.

Florian Blang’s “First Blackmagic Camera Shoot” (a BMCC “test shoot” that’s better than many commercial shoots!)

Captain Hook’s first BMPCC pocket cam ProRes footage, “Auckland in My Pocket“.

… and CaptainHook’s first BMPC-4K sample footage (compressed to Vimeo H.264).

… and CaptainHook DP’d a music video shot using BMPC-4K, BMPCC & BMCC.

Toby Kahler posted a very interesting side-by-side shoot using a BMPC-4K and a RED EPIC.

Johnnie Behiri posted part 3 of his BMPC-4K review and videos.

WeAreFilms has posted some of their BMPC-4K clips.

My own 1st attempt shooting with my BMPC-4K: Oregon Coast scenes.

To see more, do a search on, and be sure to download and view the higher-quality versions of the video files if available!

Meanwhile, my take on certain BMCC reviews.   🙂

Photo credit: Frame grabs of footage by John Brawley; graded by Nick Bedford.

For my words only: ©2013-2014 Peter J. DeCrescenzo. All rights reserved.

Note: I don’t receive income or renumeration for this blog, or for products seen or mentioned here. Advertisements on the page have nothing to do with me. The ads support WordPress, the publisher.


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