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NETIQUETTE: Tweets un-becoming

October 20, 2012

The Twitter exchange excerpted below is just sad.

NOT the video, but the tweets posted by “professionals” about the video.

What could have been a teaching & learning opportunity, instead becomes a pile-on of … of what exactly?

Cattiness? Insecurity? Laziness?

They’re reaming this fellow for posting a home movie, and also ridiculing the people who thanked him for posting the video (myself included).

Obviously, this exchange didn’t take place behind closed doors. This isn’t some group of teachers in a private Smoking Lounge where no one can hear them blowing-off steam. Instead, they’re being their catty, bitchy, best, right out in the open.

Classy (not).

What a wasted opportunity.



P.S.: Now, compare and contrast the bullying behavior of the “professionals” above with M. David Mullen’s tireless, saintly behavior discussed in my more recent blog post.

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