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GH3: Panasonic & Philip Bloom videos

September 14, 2012

Below are links to initial product video for Panasonic’s new GH3 Micro Four Thirds (m43) interchangeable lens system camera, first “leaked” on

The new GH3 was officially announced at the Photokina expo on 9/18/12.

Bruce Logan and Philip Bloom have posted their short film shot using the new GH3:

( To see it in 1080p and full-screen, go to )

To put the new GH3 in context, here are links to my threads about the GH1 and the GH2 (more than 30K page views).

My bottom line on the GH3:

I’ll probably get a GH3, eventually, especially for its 1080p60 capability (for slo-mo in 24p & 30p timelines). My Lumix m43 electronic lenses need a new camera body (I own a GH1 & GH2). This would be in addition to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera I have on pre-order.

However, for my purposes either the GH3 live 1080p HDMI output must be completely clean and standard for use with an external HDMI recorder such as a BMD Hyperdeck Shuttle-2 or Atomos Ninja-2 (unlike the GH2). It’s OK with me if the live HDMI out is only 8-bit 4:2:0, but obviously 10-bit 4:2:2 would be better. 8-bit 4:2:0 can look pretty nice if it’s properly dithered (as with newer Sony & Canon cams). …

Or the GH3’s built-in codec must be relatively high-quality (without “too many” artifacts, such as far less noise, far less gradient banding artifacts, and improved dynamic range).

The “GH3” has a headphone jack (unlike the GH2), one of my requirements. I hope the GH3 will feature a much-improved JPEG stills engine! RAW is all well & good, but jeez, the inexpensive Fuji P&S I owned several years ago did a better job rendering JPEG stills than my GH1 or GH2.

But … I have my doubts the new GH3 (body only) will be readily available anytime soon in the US via reputable, authorized Panasonic dealers. In the case of both the GH1 & GH2, it was many months after their announcement that US customers could buy them through reputable, authorized US dealers.

Here’s hoping. We shall see.

EDIT: I updated this article to include official GH3 product announcement information.

EDIT: I discuss the GH3 and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera here.

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