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The Wave of the Future

September 8, 2012


“The wave of the future” in prosumer and professional video camera design will not necessarily be created by traditional manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony, and Canon.

Instead, the future direction of prosumer and professional video cameras may be determined by companies such as Blackmagic Design, RED, AJAGoPro, and others.

GoPro could become a major force in the prosumer & pro video camera market by building on its success in the consumer video market. GoPro appears to have a strong cash flow, and also a strong IP portfolio featuring their CineForm video compression technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if GoPro announced an amazing prosumer or pro video camera at NAB 2013 or 2014.

Meanwhile, companies such as Australia’s BMD will continue to build on the all-but-guaranteed success of their new, low-cost yet highly-capable Blackmagic Cinema Camera (pictured).

Other new-to-this-market companies will attempt to replicate the BMCC phenomenon. By the end of 2013 I expect a number of new players to emerge, some with familiar names, some not.

As for the need for new, larger & higher-quality camera sensors to meet this demand: Money talks. As these “new” camera manufacturers demand new sensors, the sensor suppliers will respond. And, as demand increases, new sensor suppliers will also emerge.

It’s OK with me if companies such as Panasonic, Sony, and Canon surprise us with fresh new video camera goodness, too. But from now on they’ll share the stage with several new upstarts. Some will be established companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, and some will be a couple of hipsters with Kickstarter funding. From anywhere in the world.

The wave of the future of video cameras. It’s here.


EDIT: I come to you from the future: My “dream” video camera wish-list.

My list of related links, short films, and resources for Blackmagic Design cameras.

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